The Benefits of Off-Campus Housing

If you're approaching your senior year at Campbell University, you're no doubt starting to consider different living options, now that your required three years on campus are coming to an end. After six long semesters of cramped living quarters and shared, well, everything, you're probably thinking about how nice it would be to have your own space, but you're worried about expenses as well.

The fact is that with tuition rates and dorm fees higher than ever, you can find your own apartment in the Lillington and Buies Creek area without paying much more than you were paying for your tiny two-person room at school. In fact, if you share a rental home near Campbell University with another student, you can get your living expenses down to a rate even lower than you were paying to live in the dorms.

A Hard Look at the Numbers

Residence Hall rates for the 2015-2016 school year at Campbell run between $2350 and $3700, depending upon whether you choose a private dorm room. With the semester lasting approximately four months, this breaks down to a minimum of just under $600 per month for a shared room and over $900 a month for a private dorm.

Next you've got to add in food costs, since you can't exactly cook a full meal in a dorm. For a full-time resident student, the cost for the complete meal plan in 2015-2016 is $2675 per semester, or roughly $650 per month. Compared to preparing your own meals in your own kitchen, this amount is rather exorbitant for one person, not to mention the fact that on-campus food actually costs you more than your housing.

Off-Campus Housing Costs

In the past, the closest off-campus housing was a good 15-20 minute drive. Campbell Pointe Townhomes is a brand new complex of beautiful apartments, located just a half mile away from the school. We have both one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, starting from $725 - $950 per month, and featuring all of the amenities to make your life as convenient as possible.

The full kitchen with all appliances, including dishwasher and microwave, will allow you to cook your own meals and save a bundle in food expenses. The in-unit washer and dryer means no more treks to the laundry room or laundromat, and no more quarters required just to get your clothes clean. These two features alone make the switch from dorm living to off-campus life worth the move.

Home rentals in Buies Creek and Lillington, NC can be hard to come by in the housing crunch that has followed upon the heels of Campbell University's program expansion. And finding an apartment in Buies Creek that is located so close to the campus is unheard of - until now. You'll enjoy being just a few minutes away by foot and literally a minute by car, so those mornings waking up late for class will no longer be a problem.

Make the Move

For nearly the same amount you've been paying for shelter and meals at the college, you can have a spacious, private rental home near Campbell University and enjoy all the benefits of being practically right in the middle of the action at the same time. Get together with a friend and defray your expenses even further. Our one-bedroom units are designed for a maximum of two adults, while our two-bedroom units can accommodate up to two adults and one child.

While you will pay separately for utilities, water, and cable/internet, the cost is still very affordable and you won't find a better deal anywhere near this close to campus or rentals in Buies Creek or Lillington, NC. Contact us today to apply for units becoming available in July 2016.