How to Help Your Child Find College Housing

Having a child away at college can be both a blessing and a curse. You don't have any control over their actions anymore, and yet you still have a strong instinct to protect them, provide for them, and make them happy. During your son's or daughter's first three years at Campbell University you at least have the assurance that they are living on campus, and thus are supervised and cared for to some degree. Meals and a bed are provided by the school (albeit at a hefty price) and you know that they are right near their classes, even if they aren't always as focused as they could be.

During your child's senior year, and then afterward during graduate school, they have the option of living in off-campus housing in the Buies Creek and Lillington area. This can be stressful, as well as freeing - no longer will they be immersed in the culture and lifestyle of dorm living, but you no doubt also have concerns for their safety and comfort. The next best thing to living on-campus is finding an apartment very near to Campbell University, and the brand new Campbell Pointe Townhomes have you covered.

Why Choose Campbell Pointe

Located just a half mile from the college, this new apartment complex offers your child the benefits of full independence while keeping him or her anchored right near classes and everything else he or she needs. If you're asking yourself how to find your child safe housing in Buies Creek, NC, look no further. CP has everything you want to give you peace of mind and provide your child with access to school, even if they don't have a vehicle.

As for amenities, our units are all equipped with a full kitchen (including appliances), washer and dryer, a large bedroom with ample closet space, a private patio with an outdoor storage closet, and close parking just feet from the front door. Energy bills will be kept to a minimum with energy-efficient windows that are equipped with two-inch blinds for privacy. Because we also know that security is a main concern when it comes to college housing for your child, both exterior doors are equipped with a dead-bolt lock and peep hole so your child can vet his or her visitors.

As your child has gained independence, one of your main worries has no doubt been the party atmosphere that governs at some colleges, and noise and distractions that can keep him from focusing on his studies. Campbell Pointe Townhomes are situated in a quiet, peaceful area that will allow your student to work on schoolwork without being distracted by loud parties and shenanigans by other students. At the same time, the apartment complex in Buies Creek is located just close enough to campus, shopping, and dining that your student will still have access to everything they need.

Keep Your Child on the Path to Success

We know that getting your child off on their own life on the right foot is important to you, and finding them a safe, affordable, desirable student housing near Campbell University is a big step toward that goal. Campbell Pointe Townhomes put your parental worries at ease with our brand new, clean, and secure homes that give your child the ideal place to study while saving money (for them, and you!) on meals, laundry, and transportation.

Check out the floor plans and photos on our website and then contact us at 910-817-4551 to apply for your student's apartment today. Move quickly to reserve your unit for the upcoming school year.