Student Housing for Small Families

College students in today's day and age are an expansive blend representing many different demographics. Roughly 26% of college students (4.8 million nationwide) are raising a child (or children) while working on their degree. This means that every opportunity to make life easier for these student parents is needed and welcomed.

Married housing used to be a widespread option at major colleges and universities around the country. Families could enjoy living in a complex of apartments or homes with plenty of room for an entire family, while being located right on campus so that transportation was not an issue and they could study in peace because everyone else living in the units also consisted of families with an adult student or students. Times have changed, and with young adults choosing more often to put off having a family until they get through school, these options - while still available at some major schools - have gradually shrunk.

Student Housing Challenges in Buies Creek, NC

Campbell University has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, and one problem this has presented is the issue of off-campus student housing. Individuals attempting to find suitable rental homes in Lillington or Buies Creek have a hard enough time pinning down quality housing. For a family of two parents and a child, the situation is even more difficult. While the University does feature some non-traditional housing options, these fill up quickly and can be expensive. And if you are raising a little one, you don't necessarily want to have your child on campus - it's better that you live in a quiet area that is conducive to a peaceful family life.

Campbell Pointe Townhomes

If you're searching for family housing near Campbell University, consider Campbell Pointe. Our new units are clean and modern, and feature all of the amenities a young family needs - including in-unit washers and dryers and a full suite of kitchen appliances. You'll enjoy the built-in microwave and dishwasher (a necessity with a little person creating plenty of dirty dishes), as well as a private patio for you and your child to enjoy outside playtime.

Our two-bedroom units are designed for a maximum of two adults and one child, which means you'll have your privacy as a couple while your son or daughter gets a bedroom all of their own. With our one-level complex design, there's no need to worry about having to carry a baby plus your groceries up or down flights of steps - you'll exit your vehicle and walk just steps right to your front door.

Enjoy Close Proximity to Campus

While the environment at CP is a quiet, rural one, you'll be located just a half mile from the University. This allows you to get to class quickly, and still be able to run home if you need to attend to family matters or grab a book or a meal. Finishing your degree is enough of a challenge without having to worry about a long commute or coping with a babysitter issue while you're miles away. Experience the convenience of living practically on campus, but with a private, spacious home for your family to live in while you work toward a better life for all of you.

Visit the photo gallery on our website today and take a look at the bright, modern, brand new units we have available. Apply now for units coming available in July 2016 - just in time for the 2016-2017 school year. Finding a rental home in Buies Creek doesn't have to be stressful. Come home to Campbell Pointe and enjoy off-campus living with the convenience of close campus access.