Top 5 Reasons You'll Love Campbell Pointe

Finding suitable college housing near Campbell University can be even more of a headache than trying to coordinate your class schedule. The expansion of the school's degree programs has resulted in a housing pinch that is making it a challenge for seniors and graduate students to find safe, clean, affordable apartments and rental homes in Buies Creek and Lillington, NC. But you've got to live somewhere, and rental rates aren't exactly rock bottom, which probably has you wondering if you'll have to make a half-hour commute in to classes every day.

Campbell Pointe Townhomes is the ideal solution to your housing problem. Look no further in your search for apartments near Campbell University - our units are new, modern, clean, and feature all the amenities and benefits you need to finish out your degree in comfort. Just some of the reasons you'll love living at Campbell Pointe:

1. Close proximity to campus - CP is just a half mile away from the University, making it the ideal blend of private, off-campus, independent living, and fast access to your classes and activities, plus any social events that are happening on campus. You couldn't be any closer to campus without living in the dorms, without having to put up with cramped quarters, noisy distractions, and inadequate facilities.

2. Clean, contemporary units - the housing market squeeze has led to a decline in landlords being forced to keep their properties updated and in good repair. You won't experience that problem with Campbell Pointe - our apartments are modern and attractive inside and out, making them a pleasant place to spend your time when not in class.

3. Amenities that save you money and make life easier - with a full kitchen appointed with appliances (including microwave and dishwasher), you won't need to eat out all the time or purchase a campus meal plan. In addition, the washer and dryer right inside your home will save you a bundle on quarters, not to mention all the time you won't be spending sitting in the laundromat.

4. Competitive rates - as you're conducting your search for apartments in Buies Creek, NC for the next school year, you'll find that even though some properties may seem like a viable choice, once you take into account the 15-20 minute commute to school plus the higher rental rates, they lose their luster. You'd expect to pay an exorbitant premium for quality apartments that are so close to Campbell University but you'll find that our rents are well within the norm for units located much farther away.

5. One floor units - at Campbell Pointe Townhomes you won't have anyone above you or below you. This means no stomping overhead, or worries about your own movement around your home. It also means you won't have to climb stairs carrying bags of groceries, or try to maneuver furniture up and down awkward stairwells. You'll enjoy convenient, easy entrance and exit, with your front door located just feet away from your vehicle.

We know how stressful your final, high-intensity years of college can be. As you work toward your degree or toil away on your dissertation, the last things you want to worry about are loud parties, pests, unkempt premises, and otherwise unpleasant living conditions. We put you right within a few minutes of the school, and offer you a comfortable, rural, tranquil place to study and relax.

Contact us today by calling 910-817-4551 or visit the application page on our website, browse our photo gallery, and find out exactly why Campbell Pointe is the right choice for your student housing needs.